The Real Secret To Getting More Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

It's no secret we all want more Twitter followers. After all, the more followers we have, the more influence and credibility we will have. The problem however is very few people know what it takes to increase their follower count. Most people set up a Twitter account, make one or two posts, and proceed to follow as many people as possible.

And while this method may result in a few followers, chances are they won't be engaged followers which is what you ultimately want. So what's the secret to getting more Twitter followers? Its posting valuable content on a regular basis. Twitter is a social media site that moves at an extremely rapid pace. The lifespan of a tweet is 15 minutes or less.

That's why it is so important you are posting new content at least 10 to 15 times a day. Please know you do not have to do this yourself. Programs such as Cittadini di Twitter, Buffer and Sprout Social will automate the entire process for you. You can set everything up in advance and your tweets will automatically go out at the times you have set.